Gestion Schefferville

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Following a longstanding tradition established in 1956, Gestion Schefferville is proud to keep offering exceptional services
and business solutions in the municipality of Schefferville.

We will provide EVERYTHING you need during your stay with us!

Looking forward to serving you!


Hotel Royal, at your service since 1956, is located in downtown Schefferville close to Knob Lake.

All the services you need under one rooft.
•    Spacious and comfortable rooms
•    Bar – Pool table – Lottery video – Darts
•    Restaurant and Bakery
•    Catering services
•    Reception hall (capacity 200 people)
•    Commercial laundry servicese

Schefferville is connected to Sept-Îles by rail (500 kilometers) and also has direct air links with Montreal, Quebec City and Sept-Îles.

Discover a vast and untamed northern land with its red cliffs of iron—a place of history and untamed wilderness where man has left his mark, and a crossroads of centuries-old cultures.

We would be pleased to welcome you and ensure you have a wonderful stay here in Schefferville.


Hotel Royal:

Tel +1 418 585-2464 or +1 581 505-0555

Hotel Royal
182, rue des Montagnais
Schefferville, Québec, G0G 2T0


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Royal House and Apartment Rentals provide lodging for anyone wishing to spend a pleasant and enjoyable stay while feeling at home!

Whether you are on your own, a couple, a family or a group, you will find here the accommodations that suit your needs. We also offer rooms/lodging in a work camp setting for companies wishing to house their employees.

For additional comfort, our houses and apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped, as well as offering all the amenities usually found in a hotel room. For instance, you can have as an added option high speed internet and cable television.

Whether for a few days or several weeks, enjoy freedom and flexibility during your stay in Québec’s Far North thanks to Royal House and apartment rentals!

Based on your needs, we provide:

•    Maison Habitaflex;
•    Maison;
•    Duplex;
•    Quadruplex;
•    Appartement;
•    Camp de travailleur.

•    Houses;
•    Duplexes;
•    Quadruplexes;

•    Apartments;
•    Work Camp.

For more information:

Tel: +1 418 585-2464

182, rue des Montagnais
Schefferville, Québec, G0G 2T0


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    appartement a louer a schefferville




Nirinnu provides transportation and handling services of merchandise, trailers and oversized cargo. Nirinnu is renowned for its expertise and first-rate equipment as well as its incredibly fast mobilization.

Nirinnu operate its own fleet of railcars (TOFC (Piggy back), COFC (Container)) between Sept-Iles and Schefferville, as well as specialized handling equipment, forklifts, loaders, and trucks ensuring quality service to meet your expectations.

Nirinnu ensures that the equipment is up-to-date with respect to the safety instructions, and that its drivers and operators are properly prepared and trained. Nirinnu’s team hails from the First Nations of Naskapi and from the Innu community of Matimekush-Lac-John.

Nirinnu is committed to conducting regular safety and maintenance inspections, as well as planning for preventive and corrective maintenance of its equipment.

Nirinnu has the following specialized equipment and infrastructure:

•    Chariot elevateur Terex PPM 55FCH = 45 tons
•    Chariot elevateur Terex PPM 55FCH = 40 tons
•    Chariot elevateur Telescopic Manitou = 4 tons
•    Chariot élévateur Caterpillar = 3 tons
•    Camion tracteur western Star
•    Plusieurs camion type pick up
•    Equipment de soulevage,
•    Flotte de remorque et conteneurs
•    Plate-forme de remorquage
•    Transport de matières dangereuses
•    Plusieurs Wagon plat
•    Entrepôts
•    Conteneurs

•    Reach Stacker Terex PPM 55FCH = 45 tons
•    Reach Stacker Terex PPM 55FCH = 40 tons
•    Forklift Telescopic Manitou = 4 tons
•    Forklift Caterpillar = 3 tons
•    Tractor truck Western Star
•    Pick-up trucks
•    30 flat wagons (« Piggy back », containers & Flat cars)

•    Lifting equipment and spreader bars up to 60 mt
•    Fleet of trailers and containers
•    Towing platform
•    Warehouses
•    Containers

For more information:

Tel: +1 418 585-2464

805, rue de la Gare
Schefferville, Québec, G0G 2T0


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    Borea à schefferville



Looking for a storage space?

We offer different types of storage space including 20 and 40-ft maritime containers for rent. Some warehouse locations are equipped with a surveillance camera.

Lease agreements are on a monthly or annual basis.

Moreover, for companies operating in the aviation sector, we own a hangar at the Schefferville YKL airport.

For more information:

Tel: +1 418 585-2464

182, rue des Montagnais
Schefferville, Québec, G0G 2T0

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    facade d'hangar de schefferville


Garage mécanique de la gare

The Garage mécanique de la Gare offers general maintenance and mechanical repair services for automotive equipment including heavy machinery.

Our team is proud to offer this service to Schefferville’s clientele.

Our garage is equipped with most recent tools and provides the following services:

•    mécanique générale et diesel;
•    machineries lourdes et camions poids lourds;
•    entretien préventif;
•    hydraulique et pneumatique;
•    électronique et analyse de moteur;
•    entretien et réparation de flottes de véhicules;
•    service d’unité mobile.


•    general mechanics and diesel
•    heavy machinery
•    heavy trucks
•    preventive maintenance
•    hydraulics and pneumatics

•    electronics and engine analysis
•    vehicle fleet maintenance
•    vehicle fleet repairs
•    mobile service for vehicles repairs

We also provide roadside assistance that includes:
•    towing service
•    battery boosting
•    puncture assistance

Obtain more information by contacting the garage. Our certified mechanic will be able to assist you and meet your needs! Book an appointment!

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 5 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Tel: +1 418 585-2106
Tel: +1 418 585-2464

795, rue de la Gare
Schefferville, Québec, G0G 2T0


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    reparation et revision d'une voiture au garage mecanique de la gare schefferville




Pick-up truck and SUV rentals,  with a fleet of 40 vehicles in Schefferville.

We are proud to offer you a service that meets your need. Contact us

Contact us!

Opening hours:
Monday: 8 am – 5 pm
Tuesday: 8 am – 5 pm
Wednesday: 8 am – 5 pm

Thursday: 8 am – 5 pm
Friday: 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Contact details:
Tel: +1 418 585-2106
Tel: +1 418 585-2464

805 rue de la Gare,

Schefferville, Quebec, G0G 2T0